Q&A With Twins 6th Round Pick B.J. Hermsen

Hermsen was a steal in the sixth round.

B.J. Hermsen was slated by some scouts to go higher than the sixth round, and was a steal for the Twins. Hermsen sat down with TCD for a draft day Q&A, and answers our questions about his arsenal, if he plans to sign, what draft day was like for him, and much more.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: What was draft day like for you?

B.J. Hermsen: The draft was a long process, and stressful at times. I was expecting to go higher, but things happen. The draft can be crazy and unpredictable, and that's exactly what it was like on Thursday for me. All in all, it was great to experience the draft with family, friends, and teammates.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Were you excited that it was the Twins that came calling?

B.J. Hermsen: I was ecstatic to find out that I had not only been drafted but by such an exceptional organization, but they have a history of producing young talent into great ballplayers.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Did you work out for the Twins at all prior to the draft?

B.J. Hermsen: No, I did not.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: You are a very athletic guy, and was a quarterback in high school. What was your favorite sport?

B.J. Hermsen: I carried a great passion for football, basketball, and baseball. However, I knew at a young age that my favorite was baseball.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Do you feel that being a quarterback compares to being a pitcher?

B.J. Hermsen: I would say so because both control the game in many ways. Both positions need a person to stay composed and calm during pressure situations. Both need a person who can lead their teams by example and possibly even vocally.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: The Twins have arguably the best organization in baseball for developing pitchers. Are you excited to be a part of that?

B.J. Hermsen: I have not signed a contract with the Twins. We are going to wait until after my season is over to discuss this (in Iowa, the high school baseball season is in the summer, one of two states in the nation to do so).

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Tell our readers about your arsenal.

B.J. Hermsen: I throw a four-seam fastball, two-seam fastball, curveball, and a change-up.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Which pitch would you consider your outpitch?

B.J. Hermsen: I would consider my out pitch my fastball.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: You are also a great hitter. Would you rather be a position player, or a pitcher?

B.J. Hermsen: As much as I love to hit and help my team out in the field, I would much rather control the game by being on the mound.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: Do you plan to sign?

B.J. Hermsen: As I mentioned earlier, we're going to see what happens throughout the rest of the summer and go from there. Otherwise, if it doesn't work out, I will be going to Oregon State.

TwinCitiesDugout.com: What would you consider your best attribute?

B.J. Hermsen: I would say my best attribute is either my maturity or the ability to throw strikes. Both of them are needed in order to be successful in the game of baseball.

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